When should i get a building inspection?

When should i get a building inspection?

Are you in the process of buying a home?

If you are in the process of buying a home then it is time to engage a building inspector from Quality Building Inspections. Majority of our clients usually buying a home usually go into contract subject to finance and building inspection. What this means is you are committing to buying the home unless your finance falls through or the building inspection comes back and there a  faults with the home you are not happy with. Most of the time once the contract has been signed you have 48 hour to cool off, hence the name “cooling off period”. Once the 48 hours are complete you now have a certain amount of time to engage a building inspection. The real estate agent will determine this time frame.

It is a Quality Building Inspection recommendation that you organise you building inspection in your cooling off period.


Is the house your looking to buy selling at auction?

If the home you are wanting is selling at auction then you need to engage a building inspection before auction day. If you do not have a building inspection before the big day it is too late and the real estate agent and vendor will refuse you having a building inspection.


Do i need a building inspection before i sell my home?

No, it is not a legal requirement to have a building inspection before you sell in South Australia, however it is very beneficial. This service is what we call a “vendor inspection”. A vendor inspection consists of Quality Building Inspections conducting a inspection as if it were a pre purchase inspection. The reason for this is you can find out all the defects that exist in the home that the purchasers inspector is going to find and this give you two options

  1. Leave them. Provide a copy of the inspection report at open inspection so the potential buyers are aware of any issues and and become comfortable knowing that nothing is being hidden.
  2. Fix them. If all the defects found are rectified you can comfortably know that ideally no defects should be found at the purchasers inspection.



If you would like more information on the building inspection process or would like to engage in a pre purchase building inspection please call today


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Excellent, polite, so detailed and thorough in the report; I was very pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend David. He also organised our pest inspection who we are equally happy with.
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QBI are amazing. Very detailed, very in-depth reports that made the most of the inspection. Spent time answering all questions I had and were better value than other local inspectors - was even able to recommend a great pest inspector too
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Have used David for a couple of properties now, wouldn't use anyone else. Incredibly thorough reports and great one on one conversations, explaining everything. Wouldn't buy a house without consulting him! He's helped me dodge a bullet before, that would of cost me a couple of hundred thousand.
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Dave was great, very informative, easy to talk too and ensured I seen the issues I needed sorted before putting house on the market. Was worth every dollar as the money spent on my issues I feel will ensure a smooth sale.
Thanks Dave.
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I had David do a preventative maintenance inspection on our butcher shop at the Gawler Green. It was a very valuable inspection as we found a leak coming from the tenancy next door. David's thermal imaging and moisture testing was used to find the problem . It was easily fixed before it became a big and expensive repair . His service was professional and great , I'll be using his maintenance inspections regularly.
— Joel Poulish
David provided an excellent service. Would highly recommend him
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Great experience; really prompt and easy, personalised service, extremely detailed report.
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Great response, very quick and highly informative. I would highly recommend David and his team.
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David was thorough, punctual, friendly, and most of all very professional. He identified several imperfections and potential costly repairs. I used this as a bargaining tool and secured a great deal on my new home!
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David provides timely building inspection service with high quality. He is friendly, patient and frank. I’m more than happy to recommend him.
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