Here are a list of our most common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for here, feel free to give us a call or email us.

#1 Can a property fail a building inspection?

Properties do not pass or fail an inspection. We reveal all defects and it is at your discretion if you choose to continue with the purchase.

#2 What if my report reveals problems?

Most houses have problems, do not worry. I recommend assessing the problems and making an informed decision from there.

#3 Is a building inspection necessary on a brand new home?

yes, poor workmanship is becoming more and more common these days. Why should you have to accept it. 

#4 Can I be present at the building inspection?

Absolutely, if you wish to attend an inspection you’re more than welcome. We generally encourage you attend the last half hour of the inspection so we can run through defects found.

#5 Who will organise the inspection once its booked?

We make the inspection hassle free for you. We get a few details from you, from there we liaise with Real Estate agents and pest inspectors. we always confirm with you once organised.

#6 How long does a building inspection take?

Building inspection generally take between 1.5 – 2 hours.

#7 Do you get in the roof?

Yes, the roof void is one of the most important parts to a house.

#8 How long will I have to wait for an inspection?

We understand the need for a quick process. Generally inspections are conducted within a few days of booking or as clients request.

#9 How do I book a building inspection?

Bookings can be made by calling or emailing David on 0408 817 898 david@qbinspections.com.au or alternatively call Ally at reception on 0404013241 ally@qbinspections.com.au

#10 What if I don’t understand the report?

If you are having trouble understanding the report please call us and we can organise a sit down meeting to run through all aspects of the report.

#11 How do I pay?

Payment can be made either by cash or EFT.

#12 Will I get a report at the end?

Yes. Report are generally emailed to you the same day as inspection.

#13 Do you provide thermal images?

Yes. If we find defects in your investment such as a leaking shower thermal images can be taken showing you exactly where the water has leaked to.

#14 Why should I get a building inspection?

Building inspections are a absolute must. QBI will uncover defects that you may not know about. It is imperative that you know everything about your investment. Some defects could be quite costly.

#15 Do you provide pest inspections?

Yes we do. QBI uses a external company for pest inspections. The reason for this is the company we use are also pest controllers. If there is pest issues eg. termites. He could also treat the property or provide free quotes for your convenience. A one stop shop.

#16 How much does a building inspection cost?

Building inspections vary in price depending on the size of the property. A small villa generally starts at $275 and your bigger 4 bedroom homes or more are $350. Units from $220

#17 What do you do at an inspection?

At a property inspection our inspector/s undertake a thorough inspection of the home. Generally they will start inside looking for “defects” room by room checking every wall, ceiling, window and door. When the bathroom is being inspected our inspector/s will search for moisture in and around showers and baths. 

Once the inside of the house is completed the roof space is inspected next searching for insulation condition, roof frame structural integrity even air conditioning duct condition.

The roof itself is inspected next checking guttering, roof clad condition, flashing conditions and barge boards and fascias.

The next step is looking over the exterior of the building. Looking for cracking, inspecting external plumbing pipes, eaves.

The last step of the process is the property overall. Our experienced inspector/s will be looking at driveways, paths, hot water service, fencing, sheds and so on.

Why Customers Choose Us

Excellent, polite, so detailed and thorough in the report; I was very pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend David. He also organised our pest inspection who we are equally happy with.
Thank you Quality Building Inspections :)
10 ⭐️'s
Property in Mt Terrace GAWLER.
— Candice Blake
QBI are amazing. Very detailed, very in-depth reports that made the most of the inspection. Spent time answering all questions I had and were better value than other local inspectors - was even able to recommend a great pest inspector too
— Ricky Flynn
Have used David for a couple of properties now, wouldn't use anyone else. Incredibly thorough reports and great one on one conversations, explaining everything. Wouldn't buy a house without consulting him! He's helped me dodge a bullet before, that would of cost me a couple of hundred thousand.
— Liam Mcaulay
Dave was great, very informative, easy to talk too and ensured I seen the issues I needed sorted before putting house on the market. Was worth every dollar as the money spent on my issues I feel will ensure a smooth sale.
Thanks Dave.
— Damien
I had David do a preventative maintenance inspection on our butcher shop at the Gawler Green. It was a very valuable inspection as we found a leak coming from the tenancy next door. David's thermal imaging and moisture testing was used to find the problem . It was easily fixed before it became a big and expensive repair . His service was professional and great , I'll be using his maintenance inspections regularly.
— Joel Poulish
David provided an excellent service. Would highly recommend him
— Robert Norton
Great experience; really prompt and easy, personalised service, extremely detailed report.
— Sherlene Heng
Great response, very quick and highly informative. I would highly recommend David and his team.
— Kirsty
David was thorough, punctual, friendly, and most of all very professional. He identified several imperfections and potential costly repairs. I used this as a bargaining tool and secured a great deal on my new home!
— David Ogilvie
David provides timely building inspection service with high quality. He is friendly, patient and frank. I’m more than happy to recommend him.
— Z You
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